PLA DIY RADAR elevation wheel


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Delivery Time 5 - 10 Business days

3D printed RADARelevationWHEEL DIY set
for Thrustmaster WARTHOG throttle
printed on a home 3D printer, 
expect medium quality

consists of:
1x housing
1x cover
1x wheel
2x springhousing

pen springs, micro buttons, screws, wires



RADAR wheel DIY  set,  only the 3d printed parts are included.

This is DIY so u additionally need:  wires, 2 microbutton (4mm), 2 screws, 2 springs(from  rollerpens).
Drilling and soldering is necessary to apply this MOD, this will void your warranty! Apply at your own risk!

All parts are 3d printed. 
Printed parts do NOT have the same characteristics as mold injected ones in regard to strength or surface feeling, print lines may be visible on those parts.

Material:  PLA