F18 fingerlift MOD Set V2


VAT exempt due to the small business regulation, plus shipping

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Delivery Time 5 - 10 Business days

3D printed parts SET

consists of:
1x detent
1x left grip
1x right grip
1x left clamp +1x screw
1x right clamp +1x screw
2x left nose (nylon)
2x right nose (nylon)
1x left springrail + spring
1x right springrail + spring
8x micro screw
2x riser


including all parts needed (e.g. springs, screws(only those not coming with the HOTAS itself)
1 spare nose for each side 


MOD adding fingerlifts to the Thrustmaster WARTHOG throttle.

ready to mount
Material:  NYLON

All parts are 3d printed. 
Printed parts do NOT have the same characteristics as mold injected ones in regard to strength or surface feeling, print lines may be visible on those parts.
Be advised that applying this MOD will slightly reduce your levers travel. U will have to recalibrate your hotas and/or apply custom curves (check instructions for further explanation).
U may need software to calibrate or IDLE off the levers which is NOT included but available as freeware in the WorldWideWeb, 

see also the INSTALLATION instructions below